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OpReb Fist LogoOpen Rebellion

15mm Sci Fi Wargaming

Game Concepts

Image of troops disembarking their tilt-rotor transport


Open Rebellion features an initiative system where players alternate activating units, one at a time, until all the units have been activated. So play passes back and forth, creating a highly responsive action and reaction throughout the game.


As each unit is activated, it completes two actions, such as moving or shooting. Any two actions can be taken in any order. This freedom of action is a principal freedom of the game.

Bang Dice

First of the two dice mechanics in the game, Bang Dice are primarily used to make skill tests. Essentially, Bang dice consist of big handfulls of d6’s:

  • Bang dice are always d6’s.
  • A result of 5 or 6 on a die is always a success, called a Bang!
  • The dice are never modified by adding or subtracting modifiers.
  • The roll is modified by adding more dice.
Image of a scout walker

WYSIWYG (wizzy wig)

What you see is what you get. OpReb (open rebellion) is built around the idea of showing states and conditions on the table. This results in a lot of counters and markers in the game space that move around with the models, but with a little familiarization the conditions can be read and don’t have to be remembered.