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Infantry Movement

Image of infantry moving

Standard Movement

Standard movement for an infantry squad is 5 inches per action. That covers open terrain and rough terrain. If it is passable terrain then infantry can move through it 5 inches at a time. This represents cautions scurrying while taking advantage of what cover is available.

You can use both actions for movement to give 10 inches per activation.

Tactical Movement

There is also a tactical movement which is more aggressive. This represents soldiers pushing hard to move while still utilizing the available cover. Here’s how it works:

  • Roll a skill test
  • Add the bangs to the 5” base move
  • If you whiff, then the squad may only move 3 inches

Tactical movement has a variable max distance. A low die roll represents the platoon getting held up in the terrain. Or it could mean that in their haste, the communication between the squad leader and his men breaks down resulting in confusion and slower progress. Higher die rolls indicate effective leadership and teamwork among the platoon or a patch of easily negotiated terrain.