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15mm Sci Fi Wargaming

Open Rebellion

Open Rebellion is a rule set for 15mm scale Sci Fi wargaming.

Corporate wargaming is only happy when you’re buying miniatures and books. The whole thing is set up to minimize your creativity and maximize your dependency on the corporation’s creativity. So, down with corporate wargaming and up with the Rebellion!

This is an experiment in sci-fi wargaming where the player decides what models to use, what fictional group they represent and how they will be organized.

We plan on developing one set of rules for each of the three common miniature scales; 6mm, 15mm and 28/30mm. In honor of the long tradition of independence that characterizes 15mm Sci Fi, the first and current iteration is for the 15mm scale, and features in particular big fighty mechs.

The mechanics are intended to be intuitive, consistent and elegant, with tactical complexity arising from the interaction and combination of the fundamentally simple core rules.